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Northeastern State University Panhellenic

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Terms used by Greeks:
Active: a fully intiated member of a sorority or fraternity, that participates in activities put on by that organization.
Alumnae: member of a sorority who has graduated.
Bid: a formal invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.
Bid Day: the last day of recruitment where  a potential new member accepts the bid to become a new member.
Big Sister: an active member who sponsors, advises, and guides a new member through new member education into active status.
Chapter: a chartered sorority or fraternity recognized by a national organization.
Chapter Advisor: an alumnus who establishes and maintains a close advisory relationship with a chapter and serves as a teacher, counselor, and friend.
Dropped: the term used when a member of a fraternity gives a Greek-Letter charm to his girlfriend to wear.
Hazing: mental or physical degradation of any person.
Informal Recruitment: recruitment without schduled bidding or parties.
Initiation: a formal ceremony in which a new member becomes an active member.
Legacy: a potential member who has a grandparent, parent, or sibling who is a member of a particular sorority or fraternity.
Link: a potential member who has an aunt, uncle, or cousin who is a member of a particular sorority or fraternity.
New Member: a student who has accepted a bid to become a member of a chapter and has not yet been initiated; used to be known as a pledge.
Panhellenic: the central govering body found on all campuses that have nationally recognized women's soroities.  The Greek word means "All-Greek".
Philanthropy: the charity or service projects that are sponsered by a chapter.
Pinned: term used when a fraternity member gives his girlfriend a pin to wear.
Potential Member: a student interested in Greek  Life who is participating in recruitment.
Preference Card: card a potential new member signs at the end of formal recruitment, indicating the order fof her preference for the sororitiesfrom which she will accept bids.
Recruitment: a mutual selection process by which sororities and fraternities recruit new members and students get to learn more about each chapter.
Recruitment Counselor: also known as a Rho Chi.  A sorority  member who has disaffiliated herself  from her chapter during recruitment to answer any questions a potential member might have about sorority membership.
Ritual: an activity which bonds a fraternity or sorority together and is traditionally secret.
Sorority: a group of women bonded together by their ritual that contains the founding principles, ideals, and aspirations of the group.

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